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Stink bugs are expected to invade in record numbers

DEBRA WINTERS / NORTHJERSEY.COM – What’s the big stink all about?  Halyomorpha halys, better known as “stink bugs,” are expected to pop up in record numbers and will be taking up residence in your home as the onslaught of cold weather approaches.

Despite their small size, equal to that of a pumpkin seed, the brown marmorated stink bugs cause a nasty odor when crushed. The stinky critters were imported from East Asia first landing in Allentown, Pa. in 1996, and later making their way to New Jersey in 1999, according to Elaine Fogerty, the Passaic County agricultural assistant for Rutgers Cooperative Extension.

Stink bugs do not bite people or pets, says Fogerty, rather, they suck juice out of plants and vegetation, fruits and leaves. According to, over 100 diverse plant species are at risk of attack …

Stinkbug photo by e_monk/Creative Commons.