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Editorial: Gov. Christie’s love of fossil fuels costs N.J. green jobs

TIMES OF TRENTON – Over the next 15 years, Delaware Valley Regional High School in Alexandria Township expects to save a whopping $800,000 once its new 1-megawatt solar farm is up and running.

Not too far away, a 4-acre solar farm is already supplying power to South Hunterdon Regional High School, representing a saving of about $39,000 this year alone.

But although the two installations in Hunterdon County are a powerful testament to the efficiency and economy of renewable energy, New Jersey as a whole is not keeping pace when it comes to relying on the sun’s energy.

The National Solar Job Census is out with its 2017 report, and the picture isn’t pretty.

The Solar Foundation, a nonprofit which monitors the use of solar power, said this week that while the rest of the country has witnessed a 25 percent increase in job growth in the solar sector, the Garden State has lost jobs – more than 1,000 of them, NJSpotlight reported …

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