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Why Cape May’s monarch butterfly migration population varies so much

DIANE STOPYRA / WHYY NEWS - This time of year, being in southern New Jersey can feel like being inside a snow globe [go to article]

N.J. bear hunt nets 241 kills by Saturday night

MICHAEL IZZO and MATT KADOSH / NORTHJERSEY.COM - Hunters had killed 52 bears by 10:30 p.m. Saturday night, bringing the total number [go to article]

151 bears killed in first 4 days of hunt with protests planned for Saturday

ROB JENNINGS / NJ.COM - The N.J. bear hunt is entering a fifth day after another 28 were killed on Thursday, bringing [go to article]

‘Insane’ discovery: 30,000 bees — and 40 pounds of honey — inside the walls of a house

LINDSEY BEVER / WASHINGTON POST - The honey bees had taken up residence inside the walls of the house [go to article]

New Jersey prepares for possible invasion of tree-destroying bug, the spotted lanternfly

SCOTT FALLON / NORTHJERSEY.COM - A colorful bug that attacks as many as 70 tree and plant species has spread rapidly [go to article]

The N.J. bear hunt begins with bows, arrows and a protest

The N.J. bear hunt begins with bows, arrows and a protest

ROB JENNINGS / NJ.COM - N.J.'s annual bear hunt is underway in northern New Jersey, one year after a record [go to article]

Groups of coyotes worry residents, but experts say they are not a likely a threat

JAMES M. O'NEILL and SARAH NOLAN / NORTHJERSEY.COM - Residents of Saddle River have been forced to share their borough in recent months [go to article]

West Coast beetle saving East Coast’s hemlocks

DAVID M. ZIMMER / NORTHJERSEY.COM - A tiny beetle from the Pacific Northwest may be reversing the fortunes of the region’s remaining [go to article]

Rising sea level threatens rare marsh bird and humans

MICHELLE BRUNETTI POST / PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - The black rail has been a rare bird in New Jersey for decades [go to article]

Why are these Florida birds in New Jersey?

AMANDA OGLESBY / APP.COM - A Floridian, flamingo-colored bird has drawn the attention of bird watchers throughout the Jersey Shore [go to article]

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