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Carbon pricing—A no-brainer for climate change?

Carbon pricing—A no-brainer for climate change?

RENEE CHO / EARTH INSTITUTE - As the Democratic Party prepares for its upcoming convention, the platform committee is reportedly considering the implementation of a carbon tax [go to…

Massive humpback whales feed off Jersey coast

Massive humpback whales feed off Jersey coast

CRAIG MCCARTHY / NJ.COM - It's December, but you wouldn't know it by the weather. And at the Jersey Shore, one water-loving adventurer [go to article]

NJ Highlands Coalition: Talk is Cheap – DEP Testimony on Flood Hazard Rules

NJ HIGHLANDS - On October 19, 2015, the NJ Senate Environment and Energy Committee convened a hearing on SCR-180, a Concurrent Resolution, that if passes in both Houses of the…

Unraveling mysteries of threatened red knot

SANDY BAUERS / PHILLY.COM - Somewhere in a remote part of Canada, antennae are likely picking up the signals of 100 shorebirds [go to article]

Video: A race against time

DELAWARE RIVERKEEPER NETWORK - Horseshoe Crabs use the Delaware Bay beaches to spawn and lay their eggs. The eggs provide a food source  [go to article]

NJTV: Former Gov. Florio Says Energy Master Plan Can Help Conserve Energy

NJTV - Former Gov. Jim Florio says that the Energy Master Plan can help New Jersey conserve energy by switching to wind and solar energy [go to article]