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Sunday, April 21, 2019

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Massive blaze leaves a scorched landscape in the N.J. Pine Barrens

A fire fueled by high winds burned more than 11,000 acres of forest in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Video by Andre Malok, NJ Advance Media for NJ.com.

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Salem Nuclear Power Plant

Opinion: Going nuclear in NJ

RAY LESNIAK / INSIDERNJ.COM - The impact of fossil fuel on New Jersey’s future cannot be overstated. New Jersey is at ground zero for increased storm surges and flooding [go to article]
Salem nuclear power plant, new jersey

Opinion: On nuke rescue, PSEG stands to make a killing at...

TOM MORAN / STAR-LEDGER - If New Jersey is serious about fighting climate change, it cannot allow PSEG to shut down its three nuclear power plants in Salem County [go to article]
new jersey environment news, stock market

With climate losses rising, central banks push greener finance

REED LANDBERG / BLOOMBERG - With insurers shouldering a record $160 billion in climate-related losses from last year alone, a group including 30 central banks [go to article]
Saltmarsh Sparrow, Cape May

Endangered sparrows are facing extinction with future sea-level rise

CHRISSY SEXTON / EARTH.COM - A new study from the Oxford University Press is warning that some species of sparrows will vanish before the end of this century [go to article]