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Thursday, September 20, 2018

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Climate Change and Public Health

Asthma, heat stress, allergies, infectious disease, storm-related injuries. The health impacts of climate change are wide-ranging and will fall heaviest on vulnerable populations. Video produced by Gattuso Media Design for the Rutgers Climate Institute.

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Hurricane Florence

Editorial: Hurricane Florence leaves a trail of tragedy and lessons

USA TODAY - Hurricane Florence has brought immense flooding to many places, but particularly to the low-lying areas of southeastern North Carolina [go to article]
Electric cars charging

Opinion: We want to help charge up the electric vehicle revolution

KAREN REIF and PAMELA FRANK / STAR-LEDGER - Electric vehicles can be game-changers when it comes to cleaning our air and reducing the cost of driving [go to article]
Phil Murphy

Phil Murphy just made this move to fight climate change –...

BRENT JOHNSON / NJ.COM - Gov. Phil Murphy says New Jersey is taking a major step toward using wind to fight climate change [go to article]

West Nile Virus: How climate change may be contributing to its...

BRUCE Y. LEE / FORBES - Here's something else that may suck more because of climate change: mosquitoes. And when mosquitoes suck more they may be more likely [go to article]