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Monday, September 16, 2019

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Climate Change and Public Health: Implications for New Jersey

Asthma, heat stress, allergies, infectious disease, storm-related injuries, and more. The health impacts of climate change are numerous and wide-ranging and will fall heaviest on vulnerable populations. Video produced by Gattuso Media Design for the Rutgers Climate Institute.

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PennEast Pipeline protest sign

Opinion: PennEast setback a huge victory for preserved land in NJ...

MICHELE S. BYERS / NJ CONSERVATION FOUNDATION - The land conservation community in New Jersey was stunned five years ago when the private, for-profit PennEast pipeline company [go to article]
Drinking water

Here’s how to end the Newark water crisis – and prevent...

DAN O'FLAHERTY and ALEXANDER VAN GEEN / STAR-LEDGER - Making Newark’s tap water safe to drink won’t do much good unless people believe that the water is safe [go to article]

Pulitzer Prize winner’s new book focuses on southern Ocean County

RICK MELLERUP / THESANDPAPER.NET - OMG, what almost happened back in 1969! The Shapiro brothers, Herb and Jerry, are legendary figures [go to article]

Can we turn down the temperature on urban heat islands?

JIM MORRISON / YALE ENVIRONMENT 360 - The volunteers fanned out across cities from Boston to Honolulu this summer, with inexpensive thermal monitors [go to article]