Editorial: Harvey climate deniers take a page from Big Tobacco

Hurricane Harvey, NASA, Hundson River, Jersey City, NJ Environment News

STAR-LEDGER – Harvey is precisely the kind of weather event that scientists have been predicting climate change would give us, a monster hurricane with severe downpours and devastating flooding.

Yet some are still resisting reality, by noting that we can’t connect this specific storm to climate change.

The same is true of cancer and tobacco, as climate scientist Heidi Cullen points out. We still can’t say for sure that someone who smokes two packs a day and dies from lung cancer died because of smoking. We can only say that it increases your odds. But what sane person doubts that smoking causes lung cancer? …

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  1. They learned the lessons well from the tobacco companies. And during all the years that people believed the tobacco companies, many people die of lung cancer and other tobacco-related diseases. With climate change it’s different – many more people will die from climate related events, as well as animals and plants, including entire coral reefs. The consequences will make the tobacco consequences look trivial.


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