New Jersey’s solar sector is thriving: Now let’s fix it

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TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT – By almost any measure, New Jersey’s solar sector is thriving, but that isn’t preventing many folks from thinking it just may need some big fixes.

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities is the latest to weigh in by announcing a broad examination of the industry and exploring whether the current structure that has served it so well may have outlived its usefulness — or at the very least needs some significant changes.

In a decision reached Friday at their regular monthly meeting, the BPU commissioners voted to launch a proceeding to study the current system, including whether the existing financial incentives that have made the state one of the nation’s leaders in solar need to be pared back, or replaced with something else …

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  1. Regardless of what the study outcome is, it should definitely state that solar developers should not be about destroying the environment in order to “save it”.

    Solar plants should not be located on woodlands, wetlands, critical habitats, preserved lands, etc. They should be located on parking lots, roof tops, industrial zoned lands, land fills and other toxic land sites, etc.


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