Groups of coyotes worry residents, but experts say they are not a likely a threat

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JAMES M. O’NEILL and SARAH NOLAN / NORTHJERSEY.COM – Residents of Saddle River have been forced to share their borough in recent months with a bunch of four-legged furry migrants from the west — and it has frayed some nerves.

Coyotes are traipsing through backyards, looking in windows, lounging on porches, lying in driveways. It’s as if they checked out the borough’s listings on Zillow and are looking to buy.

And it has not been a lone coyote here or there — they’ve been in groups of four, five, six or more.

“Daily I am terrorized by these animals,” resident Susan D’Elia told borough officials at a recent meeting on the issue. “It is absolutely out of control. My property is overrun. There are times I am afraid to leave my home.” …

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