Opinion: Christie was right not to allow building on flood-prone areas. Why the change?

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JOHN A. MILLER and SAMANTHA MEDLOCK / STAR-LEDGER – For over a month, many of us have been riveted to the Weather Channel and news outlets, watching the heroic rescue efforts in Texas during Hurricane Harvey, as well as the massive evacuation of Florida and devastating impacts of Hurricane Irma on that state and the Leeward Islands, plus the outright devastation of Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands by Hurricane Maria.

It’s been a stark reminder that New Jersey has its own vulnerabilities, with hundreds of thousands of residents living in areas that are prone to flooding and at risk from severe storms and sea level rise.

But instead of working to make us safer, the Christie administration is rushing to adopt rule changes that will put more of the state’s people and businesses and infrastructure in harm’s way …

John A. Miller, P.E., CFM, CSM, of Lamberville is a water resources engineer and a United States Senate fellow. Samantha Medlock, CFM, of Alexandria, Virginia, is a former senior adviser for preparedness and resilience in the Obama White House.

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