Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump further endanger the planet

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AMY DAVIDSON SORKIN / THE NEW YORKER – On September 20th, in New York, while the United Nations General Assembly was in session, France’s President, Emmanuel Macron, spoke with a group of reporters about how he might persuade President Donald Trump to do something—anything—to address climate change. Efforts to get the United States to remain in the Paris accords had not been going well, Macron said. (Trump had announced his intention to leave, but, as a practical matter, that will take time.) This was largely owing to the fact, Macron added, that what the Trump Administration proposed—namely, to renegotiate the accord—was “something we do not accept.” But Macron, with his technically minded optimism, had a plan. Trump might never like Paris because it was an “Obama deal,” and because he believed that his voters were against it, Macron said, but those same voters were now confronting the reality of climate change in the form of escalating hurricanes. (This was the same day that Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico.) But Macron seemed to know that Trump likes to win. “I think what we need is for President Trump to find something belonging to him regarding climate, if you want my personal opinion of that.”

Fareed Zakaria, one of the journalists present, asked if Macron was suggesting that Trump should be allowed to “declare victory”—so that he could feel that doing something for the planet was a win for him. “Yes, I’m fine with that,” Macron said. “What I want to convince him is to not break what we have.” A few minutes later, Macron added that his own definition of victory was just “to deliver,” without having to plant a flag. “And now I think the best way to proceed with your President is to find—to open, I would say—a solution where he can be the leader of something new on climate.” …

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