On New Jersey’s Bayshore, waiting for a post-Sandy recovery that never came

Delaware Bayshore, New Jersey

ALEXANDER C. KAUFMAN and CHRIS D’ANGELO / HUFFINGTON POST – Meghan Wren remembers the day when a young bald eagle ― fluffy with the mottled-brown plumage of an adolescent ― landed on the dock next door and started pulling apart a fish carcass. They were having a potluck for Memorial Day, and about a dozen neighbors were gathered around, cold beer in one hand and camera in the other.

That’s how it used to be here, before the storm.

Five years after Superstorm Sandy, Wren’s family is one of the few left in this windswept fishing village on the Delaware Bay. Homes along the Nantuxent Creek side, where Wren has lived in a weathered two-story house since 1997, were spared much of the worst damage.

But houses facing the bay ― many of them weekend or summer cottages for folks who live in Philadelphia, about 60 miles north ― took a beating and now sit abandoned, the boardwalks to their doors rotten and cement septic tanks sitting in the open …

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