Opinion: Will Christie’s successor block Trump’s efforts to dismantle EJ?

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LAUREEN M. BOLES / NJ SPOTLIGHT -Whoever succeeds Gov. Chris Christie as New Jersey’s next governor will be standing in a metaphorical gorge between the Trump administration and New Jersey’s environmental justice (EJ) activists. The two sides are mirror images of each other, with regard to their opinions of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its mission to protect the environment and human health. While Scott Pruitt, EPA administrator, is known for suing the EPA in an effort to dismantle environmental protection and increase profits, EJ activists are known for suing the EPA to demand greater enforcement and protection of human health.

The New Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance (NJEJA), the statewide EJ organization, has developed numerous policy recommendations that are consistent with the EPA’s mission and intended to improve the environmental quality, public health, and wellbeing of residents in environmental justice communities: communities of color and low-income communities that are typically overburdened by disproportionate environmental pollution …

Laureen M. Boles is the state director of the New Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance.

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