NY/NJ Baykeeper’s oyster reef naturally reproduces baby oysters in Raritan Bay

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ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS HERALD – NY/NJ Baykeeper’s Restoration Program scientists discovered the natural growth of baby oysters, biologically known as spat, while monitoring the oyster restoration site at Naval Weapons Station Earle this week. Natural recruitment has been observed at the site for the first time which means that the adult oysters on the reef are spawning and the larvae is settling back on the reef. This is the first step in a self-sustaining reef.

The NY-NJ Harbor Estuary was once home to millions of acres of oyster beds. However, due to rampant development, overharvesting, and pollution, the metro-area oyster is now functionally extinct. NY/NJ Baykeeper has been working to restore the oyster population for the benefits they provide the surrounding communities, which include cleaner water, increased habitat, and shoreline stability …

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