Opinion: It is not fear-mongering to appreciate the existential impact of climate change

Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey

TIM DILLINGHAM / PHILLY.COM – Hunkered down at home, under a “state of emergency” declared by Governor Christie, there’s something serious to be said about the weather we experienced this week. The media coverage is all over the “bombogenesis” happening outside my window, the “bomb cyclone” forecast to “explode” and “monster nor’easter” tackling the entire East Coast, bring temperatures “colder than Mars.”

While the phrase “bomb cyclone” might sound hyperbolic, we are not experiencing the same weather our parents did when they were our age and they trudged through uphill — both ways! —  five miles, in the snow just to get to school. This was not your father’s snowstorm — and because of climate change, we may be in for more like it …

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