Offshore oil drillers want another crack at N.J.’s Atlantic coast, and Trump wants to help

Offshore oil drilling rig

ANDREW MAYKUTH / PHILLY.COM – The Ben Ocean Lancer, a 490-foot-long drill ship, positioned itself in federal waters about 93 miles southeast of Atlantic City in October 1978 and began boring into the sea floor, a half-mile below the ocean’s surface.

For the next three months, the drillers bored 15,820 feet down, through three miles of rock. Near the bottom, they discovered a “significant” show of natural gas, which the government announced to the public, according to a U.S. Geological Survey report on the well.

Having accomplished their mission, the explorers plugged the well a few days after drilling was completed. The single well, commissioned by 11 oil companies and led by Chevron Corp., cost $12 million at the time — more than $43 million today …

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