Editorial: PennEast fight not over yet

Penneast pipeline, new jersey environment news

DAILY RECORD – The controversial PennEast pipeline project received a significant and entirely expected boost last week from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), which approved the plan while offering the rote rationale about public benefits and the essential irrelevance of environmental concerns.

FERC has long been, and continues to be, an industry rubber stamp. Its support cannot be viewed as an honest assessment of the need for, or quality of any proposal. A study by the Center for Public Integrity and StateImpact Pennsylvania found that over 30 years covering hundreds of pipeline proposals nationwide, FERC has rejected exactly two.

That trend certainly isn’t going to change under President Trump; one of his appointees to the commission, Robert Powelson, told gas industry representatives last year that irresponsible pipeline protesters were engaged in a “jihad” to prevent natural gas from reaching markets …

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