Op-ed: There’s an affordable path to clean energy for New Jersey

solar, wind energy

ANDREW ZWICKER / NJ SPOTLIGHT – Sometimes, the way forward becomes incredibly clear.

That’s how I felt sitting in the audience as the New Jersey Conservation Foundation recently presented the findings of a research study it commissioned on how to dramatically increase New Jersey’s use of clean, renewable energy – like wind and solar – to generate electricity.

The report shows how New Jersey can feasibly produce a third of its electricity from in-state renewables by 2030 (just 12 years from now), reduce harmful carbon emissions by half, and – contrary to what many people think – accomplish the job at costs comparable to what consumers pay in today’s fossil-fuel-dominated system. That’s with all the added benefits of cleaner air and water, safer communities, and stronger long-term viability. The analysis also identifies additional options to ramp up our reliance on renewables that would save money over the status quo and reduce emissions even more quickly …

Andrew Zwicker represents the 16th Legislative District in the New Jersey Assembly. 

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