Persistence pays off in Six Flags fight

Six Flags Great Adventure

JANET TAURO / APP.COM – The late, great former Gov. Brendan Byrne, a Pinelands champion, had a saying for those who fought for the environment, “It’s a battle everyday!”

That’s for sure. Currently in New Jersey, Clean Water Action and environmental groups are fighting offshore drilling, taxpayer-funded nuclear subsidies, radioactive nuclear waste buildup, fracked-gas pipelines, over-development, lead in drinking water, and diesel emissions that are suffocating Newark residents. That’s just to name a few.

One hard-won battle, however, has reached its conclusion. The tough fight to save a large swath of Pine Barrens forest that is located on Six Flags Great Adventure property in Jackson Township has ended …

Janet Tauro is New Jersey board chair of Clean Water Action.

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