Feds not needed to combat climate change

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MICHAEL BLOOMBERG / APP.COM – As a former mayor of New York, I don’t often weigh in on events in New Jersey. But as someone who’s active in the fight against climate change, it’s great to see New Jersey get back in the ring, thanks to Gov. Phil Murphy.

A dozen years ago, New Jersey had been a founding member of one of the country’s most important climate change partnerships: the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a cap-and-trade program that sets carbon emission limits for power plants. Former New York Gov. George Pataki, a Republican, launched the group with support from numerous governors in the region, including several other Republicans.

Unfortunately, short-sightedness is all too common in politics, and former Gov. Chris Christie pulled the state out of the agreement in 2011, despite its considerable success. A recent report found that the climate initiative has saved consumers $618 million on their energy bills, spurred $2.9 billion in economic growth, created thousands of jobs, and — with fewer air pollutants to inhale — generated more than $5 billion in health benefits …

Michael Bloomberg was mayor of New York City from 2002 to 2013.

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