Opinion: N.J. can’t wait until it buys the farm on climate

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ALBERT B. KELLY / NJ.COM – For a time in the past, I didn’t give much thought to climate change. The whole subject seemed so remote from the everyday problems and struggles we faced on the ground in the Bridgeton area, Cumberland County and throughout South Jersey.

Somewhere along the way, the climate-change issue became more about politics and the media than about science and data. I suspect we may be on the verge of paying a big price for this shift in emphasis.

These days, climate change, global warming and everything that comes with these terms don’t seem so remote. When the potential consequences were abstract or thought to be a long way off, we could avoid thinking about them or  taking any concrete action. But now we wake up each day as if the negative effects are around the corner. We’re a long way from the early 1990s …

Albert B. Kelly is mayor of Bridgeton, NJ.

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