Opinion: DEP must stop mini-city in Pinelands

New Jersey Pinelands

JEFF TITTEL / APP.COM – In the middle of the Pinelands, a developer has proposed a mini-city in one of the most environmentally sensitive areas in the country. The development would be a small city of 12,000 people or more. It is one of the largest developments being planned in New Jersey and would have tremendous negative environmental impacts ranging from water pollution to over-pumping the aquifer to destruction of open space and air pollution.

Twenty years ago, Commissioner Bob Shinn of the state Department of Environmental Protection turned down a proposed 800-unitsproject on the same Heritage Minerals site because it didn’t meet environmental standards. Hovsons sued and made DEP Commissioner Bradley Campbell settle for 2,200 units, which made no sense. The Christie administration last year came out with a proposal for 4,000 units. There have been a lot of dirty deals and it keeps getting worse …

Jeff Tittel is director of the NJ Sierra Club.

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