Commentary: New Jersey’s offshore wind industry might not be dead after all

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TINA CASEY / CLEAN TECHNICA – If you can’t make the connection between New Jersey and offshore wind farms, there’s a good reason for that. A few years ago, New Jersey was on track to lead the nation’s offshore wind industry with a multi-million dollar assist from the US Department of Energy, thanks to its location on the wind-rich Atlantic coast. Unfortunately, the state’s former governor Chris Christie gummed up the works. New Jerseyans were left high and dry while tiny Rhode Island sailed into US renewable energy history with the nation’s first commercial offshore wind farm.

New Jersey Shoots At Offshore Wind, Misses
Back in 2010, New Jersey lawmakers positioned the state to take advantage of its location on the wind-rich US Atlantic coast, but they didn’t account for Governor Christie.

In terms of energy policy, Christie made clear his allegiance to the Koch brothers agenda for fossil fuels. He unilaterally killed the $9 billion ARC mass transit project, pulled New Jersey out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, dropped the ball on a multi-state electric vehicle initiative, dragged his feet on a new multi-state consortium to develop Atlantic coast offshore wind, and so on and so forth (it’s a long list) …

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