Cleanup nears end for Pompton Lake, a regional backup water supply contaminated by DuPont

Pompton Lake, NJ, cleanup area

JAMES M. O’NEILL / NORTHJERSEY.COM – Dump trucks loaded with sand have started to roll into Pompton Lakes for the final phase of a controversial cleanup of a contaminated lake that serves as a backup drinking water supply for North Jersey.

The three-year, $50 million project was designed to remove sediment from Pompton Lake that had been contaminated with mercury and lead from a former DuPont munitions facility nearby.

A dredging operation that started in 2016 continued through last summer to remove sediment from 36 acres of the 200-acre lake. This spring and summer, workers will spread a layer of clean sand over the dredged area to serve as a new habitat for aquatic life, and restore vegetation to the lake shoreline …

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