Opinion: Catapulting New Jersey into the clean energy future

new jersey solar power, wind energy

DALE BRYK / NRDC – The New Jersey legislature is about to lay the foundation for the thriving clean energy economy that Governor Murphy envisioned in this campaign promise. After years watching Gov. Christie administration pander to the fossil fuel industry, New Jersey will finally enjoy a policy designed to drive investment in energy efficiency, solar and wind power. Doing so will keep more energy dollars in the state instead of sending them elsewhere to import coal, natural gas and oil; create tens of thousands of high-quality jobs; and reduce pollution to address potentially catastrophic climate change and improve our health.

Championed by Senate President Steven Sweeney, S2314 is one of the most ambitious bills in the country and, if passed, will catapult New Jersey to the front of the pack of leadership states in the clean energy arena …

Dale Bryk is Chief Planning and Integration Officer at the Natural Resources Defense Council. 

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