New Jersey shields its fragile shoreline ecosystems

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KAT FRIEDRICH / CONSERVATION FINANCE NETWORK – Among the piping plovers and marsh grasses of New Jersey’s scenic coast, environmentalists and communities are busy creating green infrastructure to shield the shorelines from storm damage while supporting local economies. The Coastal Resilience Collaborative, the New Jersey Resilient Coastlines Initiative, and the NJ Climate Adaptation Alliance are bringing financial and tactical resources to bear on restoring reefs, wetlands, marshes and dunes.

According to data published by Lloyd’s in 2016 and cited in the report “Financing Natural Infrastructure for Coastal Flood Damage Reduction,” “Coastal wetlands in the northeastern United States are estimated to have reduced property damages from Hurricane Sandy by 10 percent, totaling more than $625 million in avoided damages. These wetlands also reduced damages from annual flooding. For example, marshes in Ocean County, New Jersey have reduced average annual losses by 20 percent.” …

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