Permits issued for controversial power plant

New Jersey meadowlands

CAITLIN MOTA / NJ.COM – A controversial plan to build a gas-fired power plant in North Bergen has been issued its first set of permits from the state.

The facility, dubbed North Bergen Liberty generating, is proposed for a 15-acre parcel of land near Railroad Avenue in the northwestern section of town. It would generate power for New York City through cables under the Hudson River. The plant would not provide power to New Jersey.

Permits signed by the state’s Department of Environmental Protection on June 26 authorize the construction of a gas turbine, two storm water outfall structures, and the installation of the cables under the Hudson River. The U.S. Army Corps. Of Engineers still needs to approve the plan …

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  1. We can’t allow nj to keep being a waste land for the benefit of NY or anyone else. The Meadowlands used to be horribly stinky from all the years of misuse and abandonment, and I’m happy to see how much it has progressed with many varieties of wildlife coming back.


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