Opposition mounts against proposed gas-fired power plant in the Meadowlands

BRENDA FLANAGAN / NJTV NEWS – If you follow Bellman’s Creek upstream, past the white egret, you’ll find a 15-acre site for the proposed North Bergen Liberty Generating project. It’ll be an enormous, gas-fired power plant that would churn out 1,200 megawatts of power. It’s energy destined solely for New York City, via an underground cable, to help replace power lost when the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant closes in 2021.

“We regard it as an affront to the protection of the Meadowlands,” said Capt. Hugh Carola, program director at the Hackensack Riverkeeper.

That’s 7,000 acres of protected wetlands. The Riverkeeper acknowledges that the power plant’s sited at the edge of the Meadowlands, in an industrial zone. New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection just issued six initial permits recognizing it’s a conforming use …

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