Opinion: Harnessing offshore wind – Do it fast but do it right

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CLARKE BRUNO / NJ SPOTLIGHT – After eight years of little to no action, the Murphy administration has made clear it will embrace offshore wind for New Jersey. The state squandered a tremendous opportunity to act earlier in the decade, meaning we must move and move fast. Moving fast, however, should not keep us from ensuring we harness offshore wind in a smart, cost-efficient manner with a focus on building a competitive industry that will thrive in the long term.

Last week, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities held a public hearing in Mercer County to gain feedback and ideas on issues related to the first 1,100-megawatt solicitation. Included in that was the question of how to best get the wind energy from offshore turbines back to the New Jersey mainland …

Clarke Bruno is president of transmission at Anbaric. He served as energy and environmental counsel to Gov. Jon Corzine.

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