The Meadowlands: How a dumping ground became an environmental gem

Hackensack River, NJ Environment News

JOHN C. ENSSLIN / NORTHJERSEY.COM – The Meadowlands are one of New Jersey’s great natural wonders. Embedded into one of the most populated areas of northern New Jersey, they are home to about 270 species of birds and 65 species of marine life.

The fact that the Meadowlands exists at all is something miraculous.

After decades of unregulated waste dumping and being the butt end of jokes (where is Jimmy Hoffa buried anyway?) the area made a remarkable comeback.

A 1969 study by the state health department found that on average 5,000 tons of wastes were being brought in daily – six days a week, 300 days per year – from 118 New Jersey municipalities to the 51 landfills in the area that covered 1,900 acres …

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