Opinion: Oyster Creek decommissioning plan needs close scrutiny

Oyster Creek nuclear plant new jersey

PAUL GUNTER / APP.COM – It is understandable that everybody wants to see the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant, scheduled to close permanently Sept. 17, decommissioned as quickly as possible. But there is every reason to take time to scrutinize the recently announced deal with a newly created company, Comprehensive Decommissioning International (CDI), which raises some alarming red flags.

Every stage of the nuclear power industry is inherently dangerous, especially given that public health and safety is entrusted to the operators. This includes the decommissioning of the nuclear power station — the dismantling of the radioactive corpus, site restoration and securing hundreds of tons of highly radioactive waste for uncertain long-term management …

Paul Gunter is director of Beyond Nuclear’s Reactor Oversight Project.

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