Editorial: Ban the bags – Plastic is the enemy of the people

Plastic bag in lake

STAR-LEDGER – With a pen stroke, Gov. Murphy could have imposed a 5-cent fee for plastic bags. Then he could have grabbed that money to wallpaper the cracks in his budget, just as legislative leadership had planned in the bill he vetoed Monday.

He also could have told all cities and towns with ordinances that ban bags entirely that they were out of luck – they’d have to do it the state’s way now.

But the governor didn’t go there. He rejected the bag fee because when it comes to environmental stewardship, he knows that half-measures are no longer adequate – especially as the federal government wages war on the planet – and that New Jersey needs a more “robust and comprehensive method” of reducing the ubiquitous scourge of plastic …

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  1. A fee has worked very successfully in many places like Washington DC. The NJ bill could have been re-worked to use the revenue for environmental projects, rather than dumping a bill that was merely good but not perfect. Now we have no fee, no ban and plenty of plastic bags to keep flying around and ending up in the water killing marine life. Victory?


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