Rising sea levels could affect your flight. Airports at water’s edge are trying to make sure they don’t

Newark Airport

SUSAN PHILLIPS / STATEIMPACT PENNSYLVANIA – Airports along the Carolina coasts shut down in anticipation of flooding from Hurricane Florence, and by late last week, more than 1,500 flights had been canceled as a result of the storm.

Climate scientists, city planners, and engineers say flooding at coastal airports and flight disruptions will become more common as sea level rise, rain events and the accompanying storm surge worsen. And increasingly, it won’t necessarily take a major tropical storm to shut down an airport.  A federal report lists Philadelphia International as one of 13 major U.S. airports that have at least one runway below 12 feet of current sea level. By mid-century, some of those runways could be underwater.

Philadelphia International’s major runway is about 260 yards from the tidal Delaware River, and sits about 8 feet above sea level …

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