Stormwater utilities to control polluted runoff get a push from pols

oil in water, pollution

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT – A decade-long legislative push to overhaul the system that controls runoff from storms that pollutes New Jersey’s waterways and increases flooding is edging closer to becoming law.

By a narrow 5-3 vote, the legislation (S-1073) won approval from an Assembly committee this past Monday. The bill, debated in one form or another for years, aims to fix a $15 billion problem — repairing and replacing aging, and in many cases failing, stormwater systems.

Those systems end up fouling a large portion of the state’s waters anytime it rains heavily, an occurrence that is becoming more common with climate change already impacting New Jersey. Aging infrastructure, much of it poorly maintained, fails to adequately control runoff from parking lots, streets, and farmland …

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