NJ’s gas pipes spring 10,000 leaks a year. They get more dangerous with age

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JAMES NASH / NORTHJERSEY.COM – In the past 20 years, explosions along New Jersey’s labyrinthine network of natural-gas pipelines have killed five people, injured 34 and caused more than $48 million in property damage, according to federal data.

The good news: New Jersey accounts for only 2 percent of such serious pipeline incidents nationwide, despite having 3 percent of the pipelines and 3 percent of the population. The bad news: As the state’s network ages, the number of explosions resulting in death or injury is increasing.

A series of explosions that rocked suburban Boston communities in September put the issue of pipeline safety back in the headlines. One person was killed and 25 were injured when fires and explosions ripped through dozens of homes, the apparent result of over-pressurized pipelines …

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