Where will climate change impact the US? Everywhere.

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SCIENCE FRIDAY – Last week, the government issued Part II of the Fourth National Climate Assessment, a report describing how climate change will impact the future of the U.S. But its release escaped most of the public’s attention. It was published on Black Friday, while most of us were still digesting our turkey and stuffing.

It describes how every part of our society and every state in our country will be impacted by a warmer world. Not just by hurricanes, floods and wildfires, but by more rainfall in the Midwest, thawing permafrost in Alaska, and drier air in the Southeast.

Ira is joined by Bob Kopp, Director of the Rutgers Institute of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences to discuss the areas of the country where the results of climate change maybe aren’t grabbing headlines, but are still having a profound impact on society …

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