Govs. Florio and Whitman: We’re working together to help tackle N.J.’s water infrastructure woes

Broken water main

JAMES J. FLORIO and CHRISTINE TODD WHITMAN / NJ.COM – It has been a tough year for New Jersey’s water infrastructure.

A series of water main breaks in Hoboken this summer reminds us yet again that the pipes that carry water to many of our homes and businesses are old, leaky and failing. Drinking water contaminated with lead continues to be an issue not just in Newark but in cities and towns across the state, and dangerous contaminants known as PFASs are emerging as a new threat. Polluted runoff into our storm drainage system resulted in beaches being closed at the height of tourist season, and frequent flooding from increasingly severe rainstorms has highlighted even further the need for more effective ways to manage stormwater …

James J. Florio and Christine Todd Whitman are former governors of New Jersey.

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