Opinion: NJNG acting as though it’s above the law

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MICAH RASMUSSEN / ASBURY PARK PRESS – This week, four years after New Jersey Natural Gas first proposed it, the company is breaking ground on a high-pressure pipeline through the state’s biggest and most fragile ecological prize, our Pinelands.  To do so, the company has thoroughly sacrificed its reputation as a responsible corporate citizen, having arrived at the clear conclusion the only way it could ever move ahead is through years of strong-arming and withholding crucial information from our local and state decision-makers at every step of the way.

Determined to finish the way it began, in just the latest example of its desperation, New Jersey Natural Gas ordered these pipes many months ago, and yet only just provided affected communities and neighbors with a start date at the end of last week …

Micah Rasmussen is the former communications director for New Jersey Natural Gas. 

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