Trump wants to drill off the Jersey Shore. N.J. lawmakers are moving to block him.

Offshore oil drilling rig

JONATHAN D. SALANT / NJ.COM – Rep. Frank Palllone Jr., the new chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, is once again pushing to ban oil and gas drilling in the Atlantic Ocean.

Pallone, D-6th Dist., first proposed the Clean Ocean and Safe Tourism (COAST) Anti-Drilling Act in 2015 as President Barack Obama considered allowing drilling off the Jersey Shore, and reintroduced it two years later.

But the issue gained new urgency when President Donald Trump proposed scrapping the current five-year drilling plan that runs through 2022 and excluded the Atlantic Coast, and instead proposing a new 2019-24 five-year plan that could allow drilling in more than 90 percent of the outer continental shelf, encompassing the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans …

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