Opinion: A utility will help pay for and control stormwater and pollution – a growing concern due to climate change

Jersey City waterfront, Hudson River

STEVE FULOP / NJ.COM – As the mayor of a big city, people often ask me about our biggest challenges. The truth is there are many day-to-day challenges from balancing a budget, to public safety, to efficient services; there is never a shortage of obstacles. That’s why it’s important to not only look at the day-to-day hurdles in front of us, but to also consider the longer term issues that the city will face for the next generation. From that standpoint, the issue of stormwater flooding and climate change is becoming a major concern.

I think we can all recognize that it is raining more frequently every year. And while none of us can control when it rains, we all can do our part to make sure our cities and towns are preparing for the changing climate …

Steve Fulop is mayor of Jersey City, N.J.

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