Fine print: Taking a harder look at greenhouse-gas emissions in New Jersey

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TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT – There is not much climate-change denial in New Jersey. Hurricane Sandy and a slew of other extreme storms ended that debate. Most policymakers recognize, as the latest national climate-assessment predicts, the world is warming faster than projected, and we’re running out of time to avoid the worst consequences. How does the nation’s most densely populated state reduce its carbon footprint? More than a decade ago, that goal led New Jersey to set ambitious goals to curb pollution contributing to global warming — targets many advocates argue will be difficult to achieve, especially in light of the Trump administration’s rollback of initiatives to deal with climate change.

What New Jersey has done: The Garden State adopted the Global Warming Response Act, a law that requires it to slash greenhouse-gas emissions to 80 percent below 2006 levels by midcentury …

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