Editorial: They’re talking solid waste in Trenton today. They should discuss local dumps in residential areas.

Vernon NJ residential dump

STAR-LEDGER – There is a 75-foot pile of dirt mixed with construction garbage slouched across a residential two-acre plot in Vernon in Sussex County. The townsfolk fear that there is hazardous material lurking beneath it — demolition waste such as like brick, asphalt, rebar, metal piping, treated wood, which can poison their wells.

It makes you wonder: Wouldn’t it be handy if there were a state agency that could inspect the contents of the pile and address the fears of the citizenry? Maybe one that prioritizes things like environmental protection and public health?

The truth is, the Department of Environmental Protection usually takes these concerns seriously, but it doesn’t seem to want to wade into the Vernon matter deep enough to reduce the township’s pulse rate …

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