Opinion: New Jersey in RGGI is boon for people — and business

RGGI new jersey

RICHARD LAWTON / ROI-NJ – Business leaders disagree on whether New Jersey should rejoin the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative or not. The source of this disagreement can be traced back to fundamentally different perspectives on the mission of business and the role of government in the market.

For those who believe that the purpose of a business — and the duty of its leadership — is to maximize profits for the benefit of shareholders, keeping a company’s costs as low as possible is a top priority.

While appealingly simple, narrowly focusing on the company’s bottom line ignores the interests of others who are also affected by what the business produces and how it functions, such as employees and their families, communities in which the business operates and interconnected networks of suppliers …

Richard Lawton is executive director of the New Jersey Sustainable Business Council.

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