The beginning of a new era as Oyster Creek begins decommissioning process

RHONDA SCHAFFLER / NJTV NEWS – The Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant has been a fixture in Lacey Township for nearly five decades. The plant went online in 1969 and produced enough energy for 600,000 homes in New Jersey. But that all came to an end in the fall of 2018 when Oyster Creek went offline, permanently.

“We did shut down in September. It’s a bit surreal. Me being here 35 years, it’s became a home, if you will. We became a family. I spent more time here than I did really at home. So us shutting down, it was emotional, but it’s the right time. It’s ready for us to move into the next chapter,” said Jeff Dostal from Exelon.

Oyster Creek’s owner Exelon Corporation produced a simulation nuclear reactor shutdown video for the media. Cameras aren’t allowed inside the nuclear facility. Exelon also created a display, called the Hall of Memories, to capture Oyster Creek’s unique place in history as the nation’s longest operating commercial nuclear plant …

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