Opinion: A new tool to combat local pollution

oil in water, pollution

ED POTOSNAK / APP.COM – Many of us will soon head to the Jersey Shore for a day at the beach this spring and summer. As we make our journey, there will be a silent problem right below our feet: the parking lots and other impermeable surfaces like concrete and pavement across the state. These surfaces serve as superhighways for pollutants and take a toll on the health of our lakes and shorelines. Fortunately, thanks to the good work of Democrats and Republicans in the New Jersey Legislature and Gov. Phil Murphy, localities now have a strong new tool to combat this challenge.

The numbers tell the story — 81 percent of the Jersey Shore is paved. As we know, roads, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots cover our coasts and waterways. But the problem of paved and impermeable surfaces isn’t just an aesthetic one — it’s a public health concern …

Ed Potosnak is executive director of the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters.

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