Allergy season is getting longer and nastier each year

JASON DALEY / SMITHSONIAN – If you have seasonal allergies, you may have already suspected that allergy season is coming earlier, lasting longer and growing more severe in the last two decades. Now, there’s science to back up that hunch.

The upswing in allergens is a global phenomenon, reports Umair Irfan at Vox, with pollen counts increasing across the Northern Hemisphere in the last 20 years—an uptick likely fueled by climate change. And that’s a big deal; between 10 and 30 percent of the global population, including 50 million Americans, suffer from seasonal allergies.

In a new study published in the journal The Lancet Planetary Health, researchers analyzed pollen counts in 17 locations worldwide stretching back an average of 20 years. Of those locations, 12 saw significant increases in the pollen load over time …

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