Opinion: Plastic bag ban a ‘no-brainer’ for Hoboken

plastic bag in tree

RAVINDER S. BHALLA / NORTHJERSEY.COM – While the federal “Green New Deal” is a necessary and ambitious objective which has opened the door to more progressive environmental legislation, it’s also critical for local municipalities to create immediate, local policy objectives to combat climate change. To that end, Hoboken is proud to be the largest city in New Jersey to officially implement a single-use plastic bag ban, which we hope other municipalities can learn from as they adopt similar policies.

Banning single-use plastic bags was a no brainer for a large, active city like Hoboken with many commercial businesses. Plastic bags caused substantial pollution on our streets, sidewalks (and trees!); they aren’t biodegradable, and many end up in the Hudson River …

Ravinder S. Bhalla is mayor of Hoboken.

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