Opinion: Osprey recovery successful, but we can still help them thrive

Osprey chick

BEN WURST / PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY – As a field biologist who has studied ospreys and helped lead efforts to restore them in New Jersey for the past 15 years, I agree with the premise of the recent Press editorial, “Maybe it’s time NJ declares victory in restoration of ospreys.” Indeed, ospreys have recovered and victory can and should be declared.

That doesn’t just mean we should walk away and abandon them.

In all actuality, New Jersey has already declared ospreys as being restored to historic numbers. That was six years ago, back in 2013 when the population finally reached the historic population estimate of over 500 nesting pairs before DDT and habitat loss decimated their breeding population …

Ben Wurst is the habitat program manager for the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey.

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