Editorial: BPU doesn’t gamble with state subsidy for nuclear plants

Salem nuclear power plant, new jersey

PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY – In the end, the state Board of Public Utilities decided not to take the chance that New Jersey’s three nuclear power plants might close if they received less than the $300 million a year subsidy approved by the Legislature.

BPU President Joseph Fiordaliso told The Press and others that the board could award a smaller subsidy, and the state Ratepayer Advocate’s Office also argued it could. Since its staff and others considered the plants still profitable — just “not profitable enough,” as one commissioner said — a lesser but still effective subsidy seemed possible.

Four of the five BPU commissioners thought otherwise, voting April 18 to give PSEG and Exelon the full subsidy to “save our nuclear fleet” in Salem County, as another commissioner put it …

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