Editorial: DEP must suspend Keegan Landfill operations

Keegan landfil, Kearny NJ

JERSEY JOURNAL – The state Department of Environmental Protection has done a disservice to the people of Kearny and to its own mission by not being tougher on the operator of a landfill where it confirmed a rotten egg smell has originated.

After finally confirming on March 1 that the source of the smell is the Keegan Landfill, the DEP board voted to fine the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, which operates the landfill, the grand sum of $2,000 for excessive hydrogen sulfide gas emissions, something residents and town officials have been complaining about for months …

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  1. I appreciate the editorial but would like to see the check they wrote for the 2,000 dollars funny we as residents of Kearny can not contact our Governor Phil Murphy ( ILL PHIL)

  2. It is very unethical to collect money for a landfill that should have been capped years ago and divert the money to other projects like Ferris Wheels and Billboards ( It’s is just Unfathomable that NJSEA has commerce on its roadmap and not environmental protection and community health. So many lies and mismanagement .. unethical bastards

  3. They should be charged the $2000 every time the gas is smelt. Maybe then they will see it’s not worth keeping it open. Shut it down.


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