Lawmakers embrace goal of a fossil-fuel free New Jersey by 2050

solar, wind energy

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT – The state yesterday took a first, if only tentative, step toward phasing out its reliance on fossil fuels — an action that nevertheless drew opposition from business lobbyists and flak from climate-change activists who argued it does not go far enough in dealing with the global-warming crisis.

In a spirited legislative hearing, the Senate Environment and Energy Committee unanimously approved a bill that requires all electricity in New Jersey by 2050 to come from carbon-free sources, presumably renewable energy and nuclear power.

The legislation (S-3681) essentially gives New Jersey three decades to wean itself off natural gas, a fuel that today supplies approximately 40 percent of the state’s electricity. Natural gas also heats about two-thirds of homes in New Jersey, and is critical as a raw material in manufacturing …

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